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Teaching Artists are our most valuable asset and  the heart of

Dancing Classrooms.  To ensure unity of purpose and intention, we train all

prospective teachers intensively in the Dulaine Method  which includes

classroom management skills and curriculum integration. 

We are currently seeking Teaching Artists who have: 

  • the belief that ALL children can learn and excel

  • confidence and  passion for dance and creative expression

  • high expectations for what every child can achieve through Dancing Classrooms

  • ability to express verbally in such a way that welcomes attention

  • welcome children of various backgrounds

  • flexibility and a good sense of humor

An Ideal Teaching Artist candidate should:

  • have experience working with children and an understanding of the development of children 

  • have a dance/creative expression background (not necessarily as a professional)

  • commit to part-time work Monday-Friday

  • have dependable transportation 

  • pass a criminal background check

Dancing Classrooms Teaching Artists are: 

  • individuals who can move with rhythm

  • passionate about teaching

  • team players

  •  willing to travel throughout the District of Columbia.   

Employment is during the school year, between the hours of 8:00 am – 4:00pm.

Requirements: Applicant must be available to attend unpaid,four day training from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and make a solid commitment to a sequential ten week residency two days per week in a school during the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.  Training commitment is non-negotiable, please do not apply if you’re unable to commit to attending training. 


Submission Criteria: Apply online by submitting the required information below OR send your resume, cover letter, and 2 references (with email).

Send credentials: Send credentials by email to:

If you become a Teaching Artist, you will be expected to sign an agreement to:

  • provide Dancing Classroom instruction between certain dates; provide 20 lessons as detailed in the Dancing Classrooms syllabus per the schedule; follow lesson plan as detailed using terms and steps in a consistent manner

  • contact the DC Coordinator and/or Liaison, by 8:00 a.m. on days that the Teaching Artist cannot provide instruction per the schedule on the following page

  • collaborate with the School Principal, Classroom Teacher and DC Coordinator to facilitate the Culminating Event

  • collaborate with the School Principal and Classroom Teacher to audition and select the 12 students who will participate in the Colors of the Rainbow competition

  • provide all necessary instruction to the group of 12 during the week prior to the Colors of the Rainbow competition

  • accompany the group of 12 to the Colors of the Rainbow competition

  • attend all required DC team meetings

  • sign a non-compete agreement that will restrict the use of all Dancing Classrooms materials to only the provision of classes contracted

Attire: Our program is as much about Ballroom Dancing as it is about modeling what we teach.  There is a dress code for Teaching Artists in our organizations: ladies, wear a skirt/blouse or dress and gentlemen wear slacks and a dress shirt with tie; dress or dance shoes - no sneakers.  

Communication: We will need to be in contact with you often primarily via email and will expect that you both acknowledge and respond in a timely manner.  Do you have a functioning cell phone?  Do you have an email you consistently check?

Travel: You will be expected to travel throughout the District of Columbia.  

Training: You will be trained intensively in the Dulaine Method and the teaching artists syllabus which includes specific Dancing Classrooms vocabulary and standards.

How is Dancing Classrooms integrated into a school?

  • Dancing Classrooms is a 10 week, 20 session program that takes place one class period (40-50 minutes) during the school day with the 20th lesson being the "BIG Show" where the ladies & gentlemen showcase their talents to an audience.  Dancing Classrooms is not an after school program.

  • Prior to the start of a residency an orientation is held a DCDC Representative,  DCDC Teaching Artist, .principal(s), and participating teachers to explain how the Dancing Classrooms process will unfold.

  • A Culminating Event (BIG Show) is held as the 20th lesson for the conclusion of the residency.  The ladies and gentlemen of the residency showcase their talents to their school community.

  • Schools interested in competing in the Colors of the Rainbow Team Match (as highlighted in Mad Hot Ballroom) will select 12 students (six ladies and six gentlemen) to represent their school.  Selected students are not necessarily the “expert" dancers of their residency and are jointly chosen by the Teaching Artists and school personnel.  Participation in Colors of the Rainbow is optional.

If you would like to apply, please email

with the following:


-Cover Letter

-2 references with their name, title, company, phone number, and email.

Become a Teaching Artist

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