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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dancing Classrooms make a difference?
Absolutely!  Multiple research projects have been completed on the Dancing Classrooms program and all support our efforts.  Ask us for the full reports.

What you can expect to gain from a Dancing Classrooms residency?
Anecdotal feedback suggests the implementation of the Dancing Classrooms program improves:

  • Self Confidence

  • School attendance rates

  • Student behavior

  • Overall school culture

  • Respect for self & others

  • Student focus & attention

  • Classroom productivity

  • Academic scores

  • Family engagement

  • Variables leading to childhood obesity & diabetes

  • Antidote to the violence surrounding our communities


How are students selected to participate?
The class is not an “elective” or after-school class – all students within the 5th grade participate in the program along with the classroom teacher ensuring maximum impact from the program for all students.

How much does it cost?
Each school is a funding partner in implementing our program within their school. We, Dancing Classrooms Washington, DC raise a significant portion of program costs through donors and grants and charge the school a flat fee to cover remaining expenses. The full cost of the program is $3850 per class. Each school is responsible for 50% of this fee, which is $1925.

*There are, however, scholarships available for particular regions thanks to some of our generous funders and supporters, contact us at for more information.*

Where are schools finding the funds to do this?  
All schools find themselves with limited resources but through community support, PTA/PTO organizations, grant opportunities, and outside-the-box thinking schools are finding it possible to implement the program in sustainable ways. Schools use multiple line items to budget the program, including but not limited to, physical education, fine arts, Title I, PTA, etc.

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