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Dancing Classrooms in the Media

"Ballroom dancing is not just O.K., It's downright hot with kids." -Time Magazine

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 The Silver Screen 

Like I'm Flying

Dancing in Jaffa

Mad Hot Ballroom

Take the Lead

 In the News 

Fox 5 News  Stoddert ES 2017
Show Your Diamonds
 Fox 5 News Stoddert CE 2016

Ted Talks

First Video:

What if someone told you that all it takes to teach kids a whole host of crucial life skills is a little...ballroom dancing? Tatiana Lingos-Webb, founder of Dancing Classrooms New England, argues that if you want to change a school, engage a classroom, and turn out gritty, socially mature, high-achieving students, you should spend some time "teaching to the steps" instead of just "teaching to the test".


Second Video:

Dancing Classrooms founder, Pierre Dulaine, teaches the art of respect through ballroom dancing in a world of technology, isolation, and human interaction. 

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